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Daniel Ostrovsky

Daniel Ostrovsky

Senior Principal Engineer @ Dell


Web development (full cycle) expert and teams manager with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Meetup organizer - 'NG-Heroes'. Volunteer at Tech-Career, nonprofit organisation which target to attain and advance professional careers In Israel's High-Tech for Ethiopian Israeli young adults. I'm passionate about family, about my gorgeous wife and my adorable kids. In my free time, I'm '**The Best Developer in The World**' *based on my wife's ranking*.

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Micro Frontend Architecture and Module Federation: Making the Right Choices for Your Project

Let's take real-life examples and live coding to answer the following (but not limited to) questions:

How we should I my divide apps and are there specific criteria to separate them? Is my project suitable for the Micro-Frontend at all? When should I use Micro-Frontend and when Module Federation? And some other questions.