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Michael Geers

Michael Geers

Frontend Engineer @ neuland


Michael Geers is a software developer specializing in building user interfaces and is the author of the book 'Micro Frontends in Action'. He has written software for the web since he was a teenager. In the last few years, he has worked on various projects with verticalized architectures. Michael loves the frontend and is passionate about design systems and web-performance. He shares his experiences on this topic at conferences and magazine articles, and runs the site

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How Deep Is Your Micro Frontend?

When we talk about micro frontends we often talk about technical topics like integration strategies, communication patterns or best practices.

In this talk, I'll address a more organizational aspect of micro frontends. We'll discuss dimensions. How large should a micro frontend be and what effect does that size choice have in day-to-day work? What benefits or drawbacks do finely sliced applications have compared to coarsely divided systems?

But we'll not only examine the surface size - an important factor when it comes to productivity and fast time-to-market is also the depth of a micro frontend and how other parts of the company align with the structure we want to create in the frontend.