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Healthcare Goes Micro: A Case Study in Frontend Modularity

The Health Data Platform (HDP) project from ZEISS is a case study in how to achieve modularity in digital healthcare solutions. It is a single portal that integrates different digital healthcare functionalities from various teams. The teams are responsible for their own micro frontends, which are aggregated in an app shell ensuring a consistent user experience across all micro frontends. The Piral Feed Service is used to enable autonomous creation, updating, and management of the micro frontends by the respective teams, leading to faster development and delivery of new features.

In this talk, we present the HDP project as a scalable and efficient solution for healthcare providers to integrate various digital healthcare functionalities. We highlight the unique aspects of the HDP project, including the use of fundamental building blocks like a common design system, that make the solution efficient from a requirements perspective in the health sector. Finally, we provide insights and recommendations for healthcare software development teams looking to implement modular architectures in their solutions.