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Micro Frontends for Mobile

Scaling has always been an issue in software development. Architects have been grappling to solve this problem on many layers. In the early 2000s, a concept of "microservices" started popping up - a system could be split up by business domain into a number of smaller loosely-coupled services.

More recently, this concept has started being adopted by the frontend community. An app could be split into multiple sub-apps, each with their own teams, technologies, and codebases. Companies like Spotify, Amazon, and Microsoft have adopted this approach and it has helped them scale even faster.

In the world of mobile development, the question arises: “Can we create micro frontends for mobile apps?”.

With the rise of cross-platform JS-based mobile frameworks, like React Native, the idea of splitting up mobile apps into “micro frontends” can become a reality.

In this talk, we'll look at how the micro frontend architecture can be adopted for mobile applications, how React Native fits into this approach, and what the common pitfalls are.


Mo Javad
Mo Javad