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From Monolith to Micro Frontend

As we navigate the complex waters of micro frontend implementation, from leveraging specific Single Page Applications (SPAs) to embracing webpack module federation, AWS Lambda Edge, and SingleSPA, we find ourselves in an era of transformation and innovation.

Our adventure isn't confined to a single approach; we're amidst a significant transformation. Teams across our landscape adopt varied methodologies, yet we're crafting a roadmap towards a unified micro frontend architecture. This session will reveal how we're harmonizing these diverse paths into a coherent strategy for our future.

The micro frontend journey reshapes our operational paradigms: CI/CD pipelines, deployment testing, teamwork dynamics, and the discovery of micro frontends through SPA frameworks are all evolving. We're even exploring automation for catalog discovery. Hear about the challenges faced, solutions discovered, and the high-level strategies that guide our path forward.

Gain insights from our hands-on experience with micro frontends — why we continue to leverage multiple frontend loading methods and how we've navigated the migration to a new architecture without upheaval. This isn't about a one-size-fits-all solution; it's about adapting to the unique needs and dynamics of our organization.

Implementing micro frontends goes beyond following a predetermined set of steps; it requires a deep understanding of your context and a strategic, company-wide decision. This session is an invitation to explore the nuances of adopting micro frontends, tailored to the specific needs of your projects and organization.


Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos