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Florian Rappl

Florian Rappl

Solution Architect @ smapiot


Dr. Florian Rappl is a solution architect from Germany who is specialized in the creation of scalable distributed web applications. These days he is almost exclusively working on micro frontend solutions. He wrote the book 'The Art of Micro Frontends' and regularly gives workshops for companies. Florian is a long time Microsoft MVP in the development tools area.

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Lunch Panel

The micro frontends panel takes place during lunch break to foster some general discussions and brainstorming around the usage of micro frontends.

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Coffee Chat

During the coffee break we'll have some interviews and chats with people working on micro frontend solutions.

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Painless Micro Frontend Orchestration with Picard

This talk introduces you to Picard - the captain for your enterprise in the realm of a next generation micro frontend federation.

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Tooling Independent Micro Frontends with Module Federation

In this interactive workshop, you learn to build Micro Frontends using Module Federation without being restricted to the tooling. We start by looking at Module Federation v1 using Webpack - just to progress into Module Federation v2 and its changes. We then show how Module Federation can be used in rspack and Webpack before we look into esbuild and Vite. With each tooling we'll see how the reliance on Module Federation gets more and more decoupled from the tooling, allowing us to make choices on our own.

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